Our own paradise; a beautiful mansion with it’s wine cave, hangar and wonderful courtyard.
The front side of the mansion does not do justice to the extraordinary living area at the back of the house. Once entered through the lovely gate with stately pillars, the courtyard with its high plane trees, beautiful terraces and palm trees, you find yourself in an oasis with Mediterranean atmosphere.

Domaine des Agnelles (Domain of the Lambs) started of as a sheep farm in the 18th century and was given a new destination in the 19th century as a wine estate after that.
The mansion has beautiful authentic elements such as marble fireplaces, old tiled flooring and stucco ceilings.
The Domaine will now start its third life as a chambres d’hôtes offering rooms and apartments (gîtes).
The House
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Domaine des Agnelles, 7 route de Raissac, 11200 Villedaigne, France, Tel. +33 4 68 90 45 35, Email:
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