Food and Wine
We immensely love good food with an accompanying glass of wine. Firstly, you can of course join us for dinner three nights a week, served at the long and cozy table.

In addition, there are several nice restaurants offering good food. But also enough restaurants located on a special spot (Les Salins in Gruissan) or with a well-deserved Michelin star like La Table de Saint-Crescent in Narbonne.

We are spoiled with a large choice of fine wines in our region. Wine tasting can be done in many places in the region. For tips, you can always contact us.

In addition, a visit to the olive press l'Oulibo is recommended. Oysters can be tasted in several places on the coast.

Very well known are the halls of Narbonne, open every morning with a selection of fresh produce, fish, meats, cheeses, vegetables and fresh herbs.

Domaine des Agnelles, 7 route de Raissac, 11200 Villedaigne, France, Tel. +33 4 68 90 45 35, Email:
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