The Languedoc Roussillon is a very special region in southern France, located in the area south of Nimes to the north of Perpignan, between the Central Massif. The plains and slopes are like an amphitheater facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the largest wine regions in the world with different soils and microclimates and lots of sunshine. The Languedoc Rousillon is therefore also known as the California of France.

In the Aude region one finds several strongholds of the Cathars, inextricably linked to the history of this region.

In spring, autumn and summer months many different cultural activities take place, such as various pop concerts in Carcassonne, le Festival de Carcassonne. There are many cultural activities in Narbonne, ferias (Spanish festivals) in Azille and Beziers and the annual "le mondial du vent" takes place in Leucate; the kitesurfing World Championship.

In the winter months you may visit a truffle market, a wonderful experience.

Do not forget the Canal du Midi, since 1996 added to visit the UNESCO World Heritage list, for a walk, bike ride or a boat trip.

Lovers of Abbeys can indulge themselves with the famous Abbey Fontfroide near Narbonne and the Abbey Sante Marie in Lagrasse.

Last but not least: flea markets, brocante and antique shops are a part of South France culture. Pezenas is a very nice town full of antique and brocante shops. Furthermore, a weekly Sunday flea- or brocante market can be found nearby.

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